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Tortenmann (Ex-Telenordia) - TK-23 Kompressor


249,00 EUR
inkl. 19 % Mwst.

no shippingThe TK-23 Kompressor is a powerful musical instrument effects unit that automatically reduces audio peaks and/or raises the level of soft passages. An electro-optical attenuation system that provides up to about 25dB of gain reduction provides a fast, but natural sounding compression effect. A special feature of the TK-23 is the possibilty to alter its response to strong transients by reducing its sensitivity to peaks without changing the attack time. This makes the TK-23 especially useful for highly dynamic, attack-rich instruments like electric guitars or basses. As the internal circuitry is, like all Telenordia products, derived from the germanium transistor- based TA-23 Booster, the TK-23 shall not be considered a linear, but rather a unique device with a prominent sound characteristic.

Sample 1

* Germanium inside
* True Bypass
* LED-Anzeige
* 9V-Netzteil-Anschluss
* Bateriebetrieb
* Made in Germany


Tortenmann (Ex-Telenordia) - TK-23 Kompressor

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